Types of Braces

No matter your age or lifestyle, Dr. Suzuki carefully weighs all these types of braces and orthodontic solutions before customizing your orthodontic treatment. Feel free to explore the types of braces here, but remember, a consultation with Dr. Suzuki may answer your questions even faster.


Learn more about orthodontics and how they work. If you have questions about braces, this is a great place to start.
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Invisalign ® Braces

You know, those braces you can't see! Dr. Suzuki is an Invisalign Specialist. Find out for yourself why.
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Orthodontics For Adults

Because you're never too old to get that gorgeous smile you've always wanted, without the awkward metal...
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Solutions For Youths

While you may think of braces as more traditionally for children and teens, the tech has come a long way.
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